Research focus of the Centre

The activity of the Center will be focused on four topics:
a)    the design of modern analytical systems for environmental monitoring,
b)    the development of hyphenated techniques for speciation, ecotoxicology and art preservation,
c)    the design and development of new materials for environmentally friendly energy conversion and storage devices,
d)    studies on new ecological materials (green monomers, biodegradable polymers) and development of cleaner technologies for chemical recycling of plastics.
The measures of the Center will be oriented into the respond to the economic and social needs of this country as well as the whole Europe by education of chemical engineers with strong environmental background. The training Center will ensure the access to the newest knowledge and data existing in EU laboratories and to train young researchers in order to conduct both experimental and theoretical studies related to sustainable development of environment. We are going to invite partners from small and medium-sized enterprises, who during a workshop and lectures will follow a practical guide on how to put scientific results into practice.

Current ongoing international projects:

·    project sponsored by 5th European Framework Programme “System of European Water Monitoring – SEWING” (2001-2003)
·    project entitled “Anion-selective polymeric membranes: design, optimisation and application” sponsored by U.S.-Polish Joint Commission on Science and Technology (U.S.-Polish Maria Skłodowska-Curie Joint Fund II, 1999-2002)
·    international Germany-Polish Grant entitled: New macrocyclic ligands helpful in solving problems concerning protection of the environment.
Four other international projects are under evaluation.